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NPK Pneumatic hammers (aka pneumatic breakers) are designed for quick and easy mounting to skid steers, backhoes, and excavators.  They have withstood the test of time, proving their usefulness for over fifty years!

Pneumatic hammers have long lives and are easy to maintain due to their simple design.  They are equipped with an anti-blank hammering system making operation easy, and the quick chisel exchange feature makes swapping out tools fast and simple allowing for minimal downtime.

Their simple design allows pneumatic breakers to be used in high temperature settings that hydraulic hammers cannot due to the number of internal, heat sensitive seals.  In addition, NPK pneumatic hammers are noncombustible, further signifying their usefulness in high temperature applications. 

Pneumatic breakers also produce much less noise making them useful in urban environments or in an indoor setting such as a steel mill.

Applications for the steel mill industry:

  • Cleaning and debricking converter mouths
  • Cleaning and debricking ladle rims
  • Relining electric arc furnaces
  • Slag breaking
  • Deskulling slag pot
  • Casting degating

Other applications:

  • Road and bridge demolition
  • Indoor foundation breaking
  • Light rock breaking
  • Slate breaking
  • Gypsum processing
  • Talc processing

See the Attachment Wizard to determine which NPK hydraulic attachments are compatible with your carrier.


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Image Model Impact Energy Class Working Weight
NPH-3500 750 ft lbs 570 lbs
NPH-4500L 1,000 ft lbs 1,070 lbs