Extensive range of models to fit most excavators, backhoes or skid steers. Check with your nearest NPK dealer about your specific job requirements.  

Recommended Products

Hydraulic Hammer


Efficient cost effective method for restoring site conditions.  Consult  your local NPK dealer for recommended models.

Recommended Products

Compactor Driver


Economical for short or long term jobs. Contact your local NPK dealer for more information.

Recommended Products

U-Series Crusher


Available with interchangeable jaws for shearing steel or crushing and pulverizing concrete. Your local NPK dealer can supply the right model for your job.

Recommended Products

Material Processor

Demolition Shears

Adaptable to a variety of carrier types: mini excavators, skid steers and CTLs.  Ideal for selective demo applications, safe and less labor intensive.  Contract your local NPK Dealer for more information and availability.  

Recommended Products

Demolition Shear

NPK Paus Scaler scaling an underground mine

Scaling Vehicles

Multiple models available with interchangeable attachments including a hammer, cutter, or scaling pick.  Purpose built for underground mining applications.  Consult with your local NPK mining equipment dealer for more information.

Recommended Products

Scaling Vehicle