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NPK’s demolition grabs, or sorting grabs / grapples, are designed to meet the high standards of today’s market.  High durability and low maintenance cost make them highly efficient for sorting and recycling construction and demolition waste.

Robust and resilient for extended life

Both the frames and the arms of NPK demolition grabs are built with high tension, special wear steel ensuring rigidity and impressive wear resistance.  The large jaw opening and high closing force makes completing any job a breeze.  Grapples can be customized with different styles or widths of arms for specialized applications.  When combined with other heavy duty components, NPK demo grabs deliver superb quality, enhance durability and productivity, and longer life. 

360° hydraulic rotation

Built with powerful hydraulic-rotation motors, NPK sorting grabs provide an operative angle to tackle any application.  A double motor suited for heavy loading applications requiring high torque is standard for all grapple models DG-20 and above.  A single motor option is available upon special request.  The hydraulic motors are protected by a double shock valve and a brake valve protects the internal motor seals and no drain line is needed.  Rotation speed and speed of opening & closing of the arms can easily be adjusted - accessible by an access panel in the swivel top.

Designed for straightforward maintenance

Engineered with fewer hydraulic component connections that are fully encased, the possibility of NPK grapples being damaged and/or leaking is significantly reduced. Hydraulic connections on both sides of the swivel top allow for easy access.  The oversize pins, replaceable bushings with dust seals and heavy duty slewing ring help to increase durability and productivity while reducing down-time.  Easy access to grease ports means that greasing is easy from any angle.

Additional features:

  • Standard check valve protects against unexpected opening of the arms
  • Interchangeable and reversible cutters
  • Optional side covers and/or arm covers for loading activities
  • Optional breaker plates for special demolition jobs


NPK dedicated mounting kits enable demolition & sorting grabs to be mounted as excavator attachments for carriers within the recommended weight range for each model.  See the Attachment Wizard to determine which NPK hydraulic attachments are compatible with your carrier.

Potential applications include:

  • Construction and Demolition (C&D) recycling / sorting
  • Industrial recycling systems
  • Commercial demolition
  • Loading and unloading
  • Dismantling




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Visit each sorting grab model page below for additional images, videos and specifications.  For more information, contact the Sales department at 440-232-7900 or by email at

Image Model Working Weight Recommended Carrier Weight
DG-16 1,930 lb 22,000 - 35,000 lb
DG-20/20A 2,755 lb 31,000 - 44,000 lb
DG-25 3,200 lb 35,000 - 57,000 lb
DG-30/30A 4,080 lb 40,000 - 66,000 lb
DG-40/40A 4,520 lb 55,000 - 88,000 lb
DG-50 5,510 lb 77,000 - 110,000 lb