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NPK Pedestal Boom Systems represent a new generation of cost-effective hydraulic equipment for breaking rock faster, more efficiently and more safely.

NPK's Boom Systems include a combination of established features and machinery innovations unmatched in the industry:

  • Keep production on schedule.  NPK pedestal boom systems break oversize rock and eliminate bridging, maintaining uninterrupted flow of material through the crusher.
  • Reduce crusher downtime.
  • Heavy-duty construction enhances reliability, assuring long, trouble-free operation.
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for stationary rock breaking applications.
  • Power units to suit your specific application.
  • Controls may be located in the existing operator's station for maximum safety and convenience.
  • Wide range of models from 13 ft - 37.8 ft for all types of stationary and portable crusher installations.
  • Boom systems custom designed to match your exact requirements.
  • Choice of proven NPK hydraulic hammers.
  • Large selection of optional features.
  • Extended warranty on boom, hammer and all major structural components.
  • Nationwide parts and service through over 280 NPK distributor outlets.

Suited for a wide variety of applications:

  • Stationary rock breaking
  • Breaking bridged rock
  • C&D (Construction and Demolition) recycling and/or sorting
  • Industrial recycling systems
  • Concrete breaking / concrete recycling
  • Asphalt recycling
  • Bulk & custom material handling  (also see related product Material Handling Systems)
  • Many more!




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Visit each pedestal boom model page below for additional images and specifications.  If you require an operation and maintenance manual, please contact the Sales department at 440-232-7900 or by email at

Image Model Horizontal Reach Weight
B040 13.5 ft 5,200 lbs
B050 16.5 ft 5,500 lbs
B400 14.5 ft 8,000 lbs
B500 17.5 ft 8,500 lbs
B550 20.5 ft 11,000 lbs
B600 20 ft 9,500 lbs
B650 23.5 ft 11,500 lbs
B700 23 ft 10,000 lbs
B800 26.5 ft 10,500 lbs
B5500 21.5 ft 18,100 lbs
B6500 25 ft 19,000 lbs
B7500 29 ft 19,700 lbs
B8500 32 ft 20,300 lbs
B8500HD 30.5 ft 35,000 lbs
B9500HD 31.5 ft 38,000 lbs
B10500HD 34.5 ft 40,600 lbs
B11500HD 38 ft 43,000 lbs