Recommended Carrier Weight

8 - 21 US tons

7.2 - 19 metric tons

Working Weight

2,150 lbs

975 kg

The C6CSD sheet pile driver is compatible with backhoes and/or full size excavators in the 8-21 ton range.  Visit the Attachment Wizard to see which NPK plate compactor / driver is best suited for your carrier!




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Additional Images:

Impulse Force 16,000 lbf
Cycles per Minute 2,200 rpm
Oil Flow 33 gpm 125 lpm
Operating Pressure 1,800 - 2,300 psi 124 - 159 bar
Relief Pressure Setting 2,600 psi 179 bar
Swivel Feature standard
Baseplate Dimensions N/A
Compaction Area N/A
Height 64 in 1,626 mm
Width 23 in 584 mm
Chuck Opening 1.5 in 38 mm
Chuck Oil Flow 3 - 5 gpm 11 - 19 lpm
Chuck Pressure 3,045 psi 210 bar