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Part of NPK's extensive offering of underground mining equipment, Paus ANFO loading trucks, also referred to as emulsion trucks or ANFO chargers, use the common explosive AN/FO (ammonium nitrate / fuel oil) or emulsion for mining and tunneling maintenance blasting.

A wide variety of sizes and configurations are available and all are completely customizable to customers’ needs.  The Universa and TSL ANFOs are ideal for use as multipurpose mining vehicles due to the optional quick change cassette system of the Universa series, and the quick hitch attachment feature of the TSL.  The MinCa ANFO has the advantage in rugged mining conditions due to its robust, innovative suspension.

Options include:

  • Compressor (none, screw, vane pump)
  • Hose Reel (manual or with hose pusher)
  • Second Hose Reel
  • Working Platform (painted steel or stainless)
  • Manipulator Posing
  • Second Controls at Rear of Machine
  • Semi or Full Auto Lube
  • Back-up Camera
  • Proximity Detection
  • ANSUL, Full or Semi Auto


ANFO pot size conversion chart.


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