E208 Hammer



Working Weight

2,900 lbs

1315 kg

Recommended Carrier Weight

14 - 21 US tons

12.7 - 19 metric tons

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Impact Energy Class 2,500 ft lbs
Impact Frequency 430 - 780 bpm
Oil Flow 26 - 48 gmp 100 - 180 lmp
Operating Pressure 2,600 psi 180 bar
Tool Diameter 4.6 in 116 mm
Tool Working Length 21.5 in 550 mm


Hammer pre-delivery inspection    Hammer inspection 
Prior to all hammer deliveries, ensure the following items have been verified for each unit.
Identify the serial number of the hammer Hydraulic hammer serial number location
When ordering parts or performing repairs, always use the serial number to find information regarding your unit. The serial number is located on the hammer.
Safety decal & operation safety manual listing Safety listing
It is imperative that the safety decals, manual, and operator’s cards are kept and maintained in the cab of any carrier that is utilizing an NPK attachment.
Gas charge specifications H, E, GH, and PH series hammers Specs & instructions
Correct pressures & method
Hammer storage Storage of hydraulic hammers
Improper long term storage of hydraulic hammers has resulted in costly repairs from water corrosion damage.
Chisel tool resharpening Instructions & dimensions
Worn chisel tools can be resharpened by machining.
Correct grease for hydraulic hammers Approved brands & methods
Proper hammer maintenance depends on the regular greasing of the tool (chisel) with the correct grease.