Tethr – Modernizing Product Support

Monday, August 19, 2019

NPK prides itself on its outstanding product support and is always on the lookout for ways to improve.  In an effort to make the troubleshooting process easier, NPK’s service department is implementing a new mobile app, Tethr.  This technology connects a representative from NPK’s service department to a dealer’s or end user’s phone, enabling the rep to be right there with the customer, no matter the physical distance.

When a customer calls in with a service question (especially one that would be more easily answered with a visual), an NPK service tech can send a text to that customer’s device with a link to download the app.  After downloading, the user will then need to return to the text message and click the link to connect with the NPK rep in the app.  At that point, the user can not only talk and listen, but also share pictures, video and/or livestream what is on their screen with the tech (or vice versa).  Additionally, either the user or tech can draw on images to highlight areas of interest.  Users can also contact NPK directly through the app once an account has been set up.

Tethr was designed by a company called Foundry 26, who according to their website is, “a Virginia-based software development, data and marketing agency serving clients across the globe.  While our heritage is based in iron, the 26th atomic element, our results are cast from creativity, innovation, and a desire to deliver great work.”  The app launched in August of last year and was originally created in part to help get new technicians in the heavy machinery industry up to speed as quickly as possible, but numerous other uses have since been found for what has been dubbed the “show me” industry, which is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years.  Visit their website to learn more about the app’s features:


For more details or to get the app set up on your device, contact NPK’s service department by emailing: or calling toll free:  (800) 225-4379.


The app is available for both Apple and Android users, although the names differ slightly:

Tethr App” in Google Play Store

Tethr It” in Apple Apps Store

Created by:  Foundry 26, LLC

Description:  Technology that allows users to stream live with an expert in the fields of heavy construction equipment and other industries in order to help diagnose and repair down machinery.

Price:  Free


Tethr - iPhone screenshots

Tethr - iPhone screenshots