NPK's Advanced Hammer-Mounted Auto Lube Systems

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


WALTON HILLS, OH – NPK Construction Equipment, Inc.’s G025 Hammer-mounted Auto Lube Systems are the most advanced self-lubrication systems we’ve offered to match with our Hydraulic Hammers.

This new system mounts right on the upper support block of the hammer itself and is hydraulically operated to automatically provide a continuous supply of grease while the hammer is running and can be adjusted by an easily accessible throttle. This new Auto Lube System is compatible with our GH-7 through GH-18 Hammers.

Other features offered by this new system:

  • Increased hammer versatility

  • Reduced wear and tear

  • Greater productivity

  • Reliable even in low temperatures

  • Suitable for special lubricants including copper based pastes

  • All NPK Auto Lube Systems include mounting hardware and adapter fittings

  • Various cartridge adapters available for conforming to different size grease tubes

  • Cartridge refill adapter provided with pump for refilling grease tubes

For the location of your nearest distributor outlet and details about NPK’s Hammer-mounted Auto Lube systems or any productive NPK attachment, contact NPK Construction Equipment, Inc.,

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