NPK and Holmes Manufacturing Agree to Merger

Monday, February 11, 2013

We are pleased to announce that NPK Construction Equipment and Holmes Manufacturing have agreed to a merger. Holmes Manufacturing started in 1971 as a family owned and operated business. The company was located on Miles Road until 1980 and then moved to the current address in Garfield Heights. Holmes is basically a machining company, which services many sectors of the industrial marketplace in Northeast Ohio. Much of the work is short run, and they take pride in providing quality products and quick delivery. Most of the work they do goes into machine tools, injection molding machines, mining and construction equipment.

Holmes has been a great partner of NPK for well over 20 years. We have worked together well in developing processes for machining many of the parts that are shipped out of NPK every day. We feel that the high-quality product produced by Holmes is a perfect fit to the high-quality standards of NPK. Some of the products currently made for NPK by Holmes include hammer support blocks, hammer side plates, compactor frames, eccentrics, processor jaws, bushings, pins, bearing housings, etc. I am confident that the joining of our teams will make NPK more competitive in the market place with an even stronger tie to our machining operations. NPK worldwide has a long-term goal of increasing the local manufacturing and production in each local market. Over a year ago we began assembling small hammers here in Ohio. This acquisition is another step forward in having more products made and built in Ohio