Material Processors' Versatility Due to Interchangeable Jaw Assemblies

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WALTON HILLS, OH –Now joining NPK Construction Equipment Inc.’s Material Processor models M-20, M-28 and M-38, sized to fit excavators 20-55 tons, is the new Model M-35. This new model will fit excavators in the 30-40 ton weight class, and is fitted with our new Quick Change Jaw Sets. This new system utilizes jaw frame pins built into the main frame of the processor along with a quick hitch system on the jaw sets allowing the customer to change from one jaw set to another in about 15 minutes. This improves your efficiency by saving down time in the field when changing the jaws to complete additional processing procedures.

The availability of three different interchangeable jaw assemblies provides superior results and sizable cost savings when compared to purchasing different attachments to achieve the same results. The S jaw set serves as a primary breaker, the G jaw set as a pulverizer with replaceable tooth plates and the K jaw set as a shear with bolt-on piercing tips.

Manufactured from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel, this rugged design accomplishes trouble-free, extended life with reinforced shields protecting cylinder rods. All these Material Processors come with NPK’s exclusive integral hydraulic intensifier system that boosts power by amplifying cylinder pressure and reducing cycle time, while providing a greater power-to-weight ratio. The full 360o power rotation provides an effective angle of attack for any job wherever the location.

NPK and their extensive network of nearly 300 distributor outlets are ready to provide installation kits, parts support and delivery, and professional, courteous service; which is what you would expect from the leader in boom-mounted attachments.

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