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NPK Hydraulic Hammers
NPK Hydraulic Hammers Rock BreakersA better design that combines efficiency, reliability and serviceability.
  1. Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  2. Unique gas-charged piston maximizes hammer efficiency
  3. Simple, two-moving-parts design for reliability
  4. Separate ports for the NPK AutoLube system and an air line for underwater use
  5. Bottom tie rod nuts for easier serviceability (GH Models)
  6. Quick-change tool system with single round retainer pin
  7. Variety of tool configurations available
  8. Replaceable cylinder sleeves for easy, economical rebuild
  9. Tool bushings engineered for quick, easy replacement

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Vibration control that increases operator comfort to increase effieciency
Standard on all medium and large NPK hammers, our shock-absorbing mounting bracket uses special heavy-duty rubber mounts to absorb shock, recoil, and impulse vibration. Their unique one-piece design eliminates the need for mechanical springs and overly heavy mounting brackets. The net result is that you minimize machine wear and improve operator comfort for greater reliability and productivity.

Simplified lubrication for greater reliability
A grease port is provided for automatic and/or manual greasing of the demolition tool. This prevents damage or premature wear caused by a lack of grease.

Full serviceability of the industry's easiest, lowest cost, body-rebuild system
Hammers aren't meant to have an easy life. They occasionally need to be rebuilt. When the hammer body is involved, NPK's replaceable sleeve design can reduce your costs by a factor of five to ten.


Model Carrier Weight Unit Weight
GH06 1.2 - 2.2 US tons 235 lbs
GH07 1.5 - 2.75 US tons 270 lbs
PH1 2 - 3.5 US tons 423 lbs
PH2 3 - 5.5 US tons 487 lbs
PH3 4 - 8 US tons 825 lbs
PH4 6 - 9 US tons 1,064 lbs
GH6 11 - 15.5 US tons 2,150 lbs
GH7 14 - 21 US tons 2,900 lbs
GH9 20 - 28 US tons 3,600 lbs
GH10 23 - 33 US tons 4,200 lbs
GH12 28 - 43 US tons 5,650 lbs
GH15 33 - 50 US tons 6,800 lbs
GH18 35 - 57 US tons 7,800 lbs
GH23 50-75 US tons 9,240 lbs
GH30 50 - 93 US tons 13,500 lbs
GH40 80-130 US tons 17,000 lbs
GH50 120+ US tons 24,910 lbs





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