Slot Cutters

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The Paus Slot Cutter carves tension relief slots into the roof to minimize bed convergence and in tunnel construction to improve gallery safety and impact resistance.

  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive loader vehicle with rubber tires.
  • Powerful and exceptionally maneuverable.
  • Rapid transfer to different work sites.
  • Driver's cabin with protective roof and roll-bar.
  • 180° rotatable seat and dual driver's platform, as well at monitoring equipment for forward and reverse travel.
  • 76 kW diesel engine for transport.
  • 30 kW electric motor for cutting, with optional explosion protection.
  • Equipped with a 985 foot motor cable reel.
  • With the dual rotary mechanism, slots can be cut to a nominal depth of 6 feet and a thickness of 6 inches at any point on the tunnel cross-section.
  • Hydraulically enhanced articulation.
  • Equipped with a dozer blade to push falling rock to the side during operation.
Image Model Cutter Bar length Cutter Width
Image of product
PLS 10 8' 6"