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One of the heavier duty vehicles in NPK's underground mining equipment line, the Paus Shield Hauler, also referred to as a Slab Hauler,  Coal Hauler, or Material Transporter is equipped with a front-mounted loading platform for transporting large loads throughout and in and out of the mine.  

The Paus Underground Shield Hauler is designed with a front end reinforced cutting edge, to be lowered beneath the ground level and lifted via hydraulic cylinder with mounting eyelets on the outsides of the structure.

  • Hydrostatic drive.
  • High payload with a low profile.
  • Available with explosion protection in compliance with ATEX-M2.  Electrical components such as the display, battery, headlights, and switched are all explosion-proof.



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Image Model Payload Height
PST 20 S
PST 20 S 44,100 lbs 6' 10"