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NPK's line of railway mining equipment is made up of two types of Paus rail driven machines: rail excavators, most commonly used for cleaning rail-side ditches, and rail mucking loaders, used for cleaning tracks.

The Paus KRF 40 Rail Excavator (Ditch Cleaning Vehicle) utilizes boom-mounted attachments to guarantee simple and fast cleaning of the rail bed, drains and ditches to the right and left of the tracks.  It quickly transfers debris directly onto a conveyor belt that loads the material into an attached truck.

  • Hydrostatic drive.
  • Spacious driver's cabin
  • Clearly arranged controls
  • Easily accessible maintenance points.

Options include:

  • Bucket for rail track cleaning.
  • Scraper.
  • Ripping hook.
  • Welding apparatus.
  • Hydraulic hammer.
  • Cabin equipped with heating.

The Paus KRF 40D & KRF 40E.1 Rail Mucking Loaders (Track Cleaning Vehicles) utilize a front-mounted bucket to scoop and transfer debris directly onto a conveyor belt that loads the material into an attached truck.  Choose from the Paus KRF 40D that is driven by a powerful diesel engine and the KRF 40E.1 that is powered by a direct-current electric motor.

  • Hydrostatic drive.
  • Spacious driver's cabin.
  • Clearly arranged controls.
  • Easily accessible maintenance points.



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Visit each rail-driven model page below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Operating Weight (base vehicle) Speed
KRF 40
KRF 40 21,000 lbs up to 7.5 mph
KRF 40D 23,100 lbs up to 7.5 mph
KRF 40E.1
KRF 40E.1 19,600 lbs up to 7.5 mph