Personnel Transporters

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The Paus MinCa, Universa 40 and Universa 50 product ranges offer an extensive variety of underground mining personnel transportation.  These exceptionally well-engineered vehicles are available as a fixed configuration or with a range of different interchangeable cassettes that can be fitted to a quick-change system.

  • ROPS/FOPS cabins available
  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Optimum access to hydraulics, electrical systems and engines
  • Bench seating for optimal passenger capacity
  • Cost effective and multi-purpose
  • Ultra-convenient maintenance
Image Model Payload Seating Capacity
Image of product
MinCa 5.1D 2,600 lbs 5
Image of product
MinCa 5.1H 2,600 lbs 5
Image of product
MinCa 18 8,400 lbs 18 (firedamp protected: 17)
Image of product
Universa 40 15,400 lbs up to 12
Image of product
Universa 50 22,000 - 33,000 lbs up to 22