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As part of the Paus mining equipment line, NPK offers a full range of Mine Utility Vehicles for all types of underground mining transportation of both passengers and materials. 

Paus's exceptionally well-engineered Underground Mining Vehicles are available with a fixed configuration or with a range of different interchangeable cassettes that can be fitted to a quick-change system.

  • ROPS/FOPS cabins available
  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Optimum access to hydraulics, electrical systems and engines
  • Excellent payload with a low empty weight
  • Cost effective and multi-purpose
  • Ultra-convenient maintenance

A variety of standard and custom cassettes available, including:

  • Personnel transporter / mantrip
  • ANFO trucks: ANFO loaders and/or ANFO chargers
  • Lubrication systems
  • Diesel, oil, water tanks
  • Tire handler
  • Mobile concrete mixer
  • Concrete sprayer / shotcrete sprayer
  • Crane truck
  • Maintenance truck
  • Scissor deck / scissor lift
  • Mobile work platform
  • Generator
  • Dump and pushwall
  • Water truck / water cannon
  • Manbasket
  • Shotcrete equipment
  • Many more!


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Visit the underground utility vehicle model pages below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Payload Chassis
MinCa 5.1D
MinCa 5.1D 2,600 lbs rigid frame
MinCa 5.1H
MinCa 5.1H 2,600 lbs rigid frame
MinCa 18
MinCa 18 4,410 lbs rigid frame chassis, coiled springs (heavy duty)
Universa 40
Universa 40 15,400 lbs stable, rigid chassis from with articulated steering
Universa 50-2
Universa 50-2 22,000 lbs stable chassis with articulated steering
Universa 50-2 Tire Handler
Universa 50-2 Tire Handler 6,600 lbs articulated
Universa 50-3
Universa 50-3 22,000 lbs stable chassis with articulated steering
Universa 50-4
Universa 50-4 33,000 lbs stable chassis with articulated steering
853 TSL
853 TSL 660 lbs for manbasket articulated
1253 TSL
1253 TSL 660 lbs for man basket articulated