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As part of the NPK- Paus mining equipment line, the small and maneuverable LHD Loaders with payloads varying from 1.6 to 9.9 tons have been working successfully in mining and tunneling for many years. 

Features of Paus Mine Loaders that have brought about this success include:

  • Compact dimensions for optimum use - even in extremely narrow places.
  • Bucket capacities up to 5.9 cubic yards.
  • High breaking forces and tipping loads.
  • Driver's cab on the front part of the vehicle equipped with ROPS/FOPS shelter.
  • Can be adapted to the customer's requirement.


  • Interchangeable bucket.
  • Driver's stand on front.
  • Remote control.
  • Quick-change bucket, forks, scraper, jib, and/or platform.
  • Customizable.



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Visit the load-haul-dump mine loader model pages below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Payload Bucket Capacity Heaped
PFL 8 3,300 lbs 1 cu yd
PFL 8E 3,300 lbs 1 cu yd
PFL 10
PFL 10 5,500 lbs 1.7 cu yd
PFL 15E 5,300 lbs 1.6 cu yd
PFL 20
PFL 20 8,800 lbs 2.6 cu yd
PFL 30
PFL 30 13,200 lbs 3.9 cu yd