Dinting Machines

Dinting Machines | Roadheaders

Paus Dinting Machines cut and grade in one operation easily coping with hardened roadway surfaces. The dinting heads loosen the uneven surface while the scraper blade levels the roadway optimizing vehicle speed and ultimately improving productivity.

  • Handles rock hardness up to 80 MPa at a maximum depth of 500 mm.
  • Spacious driver's platform and accessible controls.
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive.
  • Speed 0-8.7 mph.
  • Posi-stop brake.
  • Sprinkler system to minimize dust when dinting.
  • Dozer blade pivots and can be adjusted up, down and sideways.
  • Vehicle moves at low speed when dinting.
Image Model Cutting Head Width Depth Below Grade
Image of product
PTM 100 4' 11" 1' 4"
Image of product
PSF 200 4' 11" 1' 8"