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NPK has always believed it must fully support whatever it sells. Therefore, NPK offers a wide selection of hydraulic installation kits for most manufacturers' models. Design engineers at NPK are constantly working on improving existing systems while creating new installations to meet the needs of our customers. NPK hydraulic installation kits are designed by our engineers to operate NPK attachments at maximum levels of performance.

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Experience and Safety
For over 25 years, NPK has worked with the leading manufacturers' of excavators & backhoes to develop hydraulic systems that comply with OEM standards. Each hydraulic installation compliments normal functions of the carrier while providing a superior level of operation for the attachment. NPK hydraulic installation kits are custom engineered to fit a specific carrier model. With minimal connections, the NPK kit is one of the cleanest installations available.

Innovation & Quality
NPK engineers have worked with its suppliers to design and develop components that have the durability to withstand the abuse of the "job site" environment. Optional features, such as the NPK Power Delay System, have been developed specifically for hammer applications. NPK uses only quality name brand components which have demonstrated reliability over years of use.

Comprehensive design features
Every NPK hydraulic installation kit comes standard with detailed installation instructions and all components required to operate the NPK attachment. Standard features include steel tubing for boom & stick, forged hydraulic fittings, foot activated controls & heavy duty shut-off valves. Available options for any kit include joystick controls and hammer compatible quick disconnects.

Installation and design experience, combined with unmatched support, ensure the NPK hydraulic installation kit provides safe operation and optimum performance for your NPK attachment.

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