NPK Launches Underground Mining Equipment Distribution

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NPK Construction Equipment has entered into a partnership with well-known European mining equipment manufacturer, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik, of Emsbüren, Germany. NPK will market Paus scaling machines in the United States with NPK GH-2S tunneling hammers for underground and other special applications. The NPK GH-2S hammer is specifically designed for rock scaling and features anti-blank firing that ensures only loose and/or potentially unstable rock falls to the tunnel floor. NPK has been a supplier of tunneling hammers for Paus Scalers in various markets for several years. The primary Paus equipment NPK will market will be the 853 S8 and 1253 S10 scalers.

The models 853 S8 and 1253 S10 are a new breed of scaler, designed and built to use with lower ceilings and narrower slopes for quicker movement underground without sacrificing operator safety. The scalers are desigined with articulated steering that is combined with a pivoting boom to give the operator nearly limitless manuverabilty at the face. Hydrostatic drive is standard equipment on both machines giving the operator full control when traveling into the mine or maneuvering around mine slopes and/or inclines.

Another benefit of this style of scaler is the operator can now pin-point loose material, chip it out, and quickly move through different mine tunnels with this ultra-compact machine. The controls and movements that are inherent in these newly designed scalers will allow the operator to run the equipment with the precision and feel of a gamer‘s joystick.

The 853 scaler, with hammer, has a maximum vertical reach of 26 feet and the 1253 gives all the same benefits as the 853 but has a maximum reach of 32 feet with hammer. With the telscopic boom, fully guarded cab, and rops/fops, the operator is positioned far enough from the work space to allow full view and still be far enough away from falling rock.

Both scalers have many options to choose from such as; radio control, automatic hammer lube, automated scaler lubrication, dust suppression via air and water, closed cab, heated and or air conditioned cab, and reverse flight mode in case of an emergency.

Other equipment that NPK will be supplying to the underground mining industry in the U.S. will be MinCa’s (personnel transporters, as well as fire and rescue), low height dumps, low height loaders, road maintenance equipment, graders, dinting machines, cassette vehicles, and slot cutters.

NPK Construction Equipment and Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik are two companies known worldwide for exceptional customer service and for making durable products.  Call your local NPK dealer today for more information about how Paus purpose built scaling machines can increase the operational safety of your mine.